"It’s such a thrill to keep pushing yourself and hitting targets you thought were impossible to achieve."

Why did you join PageGroup?

I joined PageGroup through the internship program. I was getting increasingly fed up of having no money during term time at uni and my boyfriend, who worked at Page, recommended it. At this point I was still insistent on a career in law but I quickly realised that the role included everything I loved about law, such as negotiation and that the people were very likeminded.

Tell us about your Page Group career so far

After the term-time internship finished I decided on a move to London and was set up with the graduate programme for the summer. When the programme ended, despite having a very attractive offer elsewhere I just couldn’t leave Page and my team so I decided to stay on full time.  I began on a brand new desk and worked on both temporary and permanent markets. By Christmas I was promoted to full consultant and had reached senior consultant by the following July as well as enjoyed my first high-flyers trip to Portugal. Since then I have built up my market, brought in big accounts and even hit my personal best month this September.
It’s such a thrill to keep pushing yourself and hitting targets you thought were impossible to achieve.

What are your career aspirations with PageGroup?

I’m not yet sure if I want to go down the business management route or managerial route, it’s brilliant that I can do either though. I do know that I want to travel with Page and make the most of the fact that we are a global business.

Do you have any advice to anybody thinking about joining PageGroup?

Make sure you are ready for the ups and downs. When you are on the up, celebrate your success no matter how small. When you are down remember not to judge yourself against anyone else – we all work on different markets.
Recruitment isn’t like other professions; you can’t get a degree in it. It’s all about being a well rounded person, enjoying the interaction with people and being able to play to your strengths.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I can’t decide between calling a candidate to let them know they have been offered the job, or building a relationship with a client where they see you as a partner and trust you as their consultant.