As we’re seeing an influx of open jobs and a shortage of qualified candidates applying, it is inevitable that multiple job offers will be made to the same candidate.

How do you, the A+ candidate with three or more job offers, handle the decision?

Evaluate Pros and Cons

One of the first ways to handle this increasingly common scenario to is weigh out all the pros and cons of each position. Write a list of what is important in the next job you want to have. Match those needs with the offers on the table. It’s possible that some may not line up the way you had initially thought. Some of those could be the benefits offered, like PTO, health plans, and a flexible schedule.

Consider Salary

Next up is compensation. What is the monetary value of the offers being made to you? Rank them highest to lowest and see how that list lines up against your pro and con list. Also, explore any possibility to negotiate a higher salary as the market is competitive. If your top choice is not offering you the best salary, see if they can match the alternatives, or maybe even exceed them.

Explore Growth Potential

The best potential for professional expansion and growth is another important consideration. Do you ideally want a lateral move to a different company that will give you more experience to move up the corporate ladder in the future? Or maybe the counter-offer from your current company is giving you that responsibility that you have been craving. Manage the best way for you to achieve your goals against all opportunities before you. Which job offer is going to give you the best opportunity for satisfaction?

Once you have weighed your opportunities, thank the relevant parties for the offers you are not accepting and give them an opportunity to make a rebuttal. Have a clear idea of what it would take to change your mind or inform them respectfully that your decision is firm. Honesty and transparency are key factors in all decision making.

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