Best marketing jobs for every experience level

Marketing is an incredibly broad field, but generally speaking, it is the promotion, selling, and distribution of a product or service. This takes form through a diverse field of Marketing jobs, each with a specific but occasionally overlapping focus. There is Brand Marketing, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, and Content Marketing, just to name a few. Even other fields such as Communications and Public Relations (PR) are often placed under the marketing umbrella. 

With such a vast expanse of opportunities, it can be overwhelming to choose a path in marketing, especially when starting out. Here, we'll help break down the opportunities out there by specialty and seniority to help you identify which is the best fit for you.

General Marketing: An Entry-Level Gateway to C-suite Leadership

Marketing coordinators are typically entry-level generalists at small-to-midsize companies that engage with a wide variety of functions that may be split across several different roles at larger organizations. From research to content development to deployment, generalists can do it all. They often support other teams such as Sales and PR. The generalist role is a great way to develop soft skills that can guide you up the ladder or help you transfer to a more specialized area of marketing later in your career. Other common job titles for entry-level roles like this may include marketing specialist, account coordinator, or marketing analyst.

As experience accumulates and skillsets in management and leadership are developed, marketing coordinators can go on to become marketing managers, marketing directors, and even Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs). Senior-level marketing jobs may be more abundant at larger organizations, but small-to-midsize companies can still offer some degree of upward mobility in the marketing generalist space.

Digital Marketing: At the Forefront of Changes and Trends

Rarely do today’s marketing jobs not involve digital platforms in some way. Digital marketers focus on data and insights to better inform campaign and strategy development. Positions in general digital marketing may include digital marketing coordinator, digital media coordinator, internet marketing specialist, digital media manager, and director of digital marketing.

There are many areas in the digital space to specialize in. For example, there is an entire ecosystem of marketing jobs built around search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Management (SEM), Paid Search, and Pay-Per-Click are all areas that focus on driving engagement and optimizing ad buys through search engines such as Google. Related job titles may include paid search coordinator, SEM manager, SEO manager, director of digital marketing, or digital marketing manager.

Email and Social Media Marketing: Big Enough to Stand on Their Own

While smaller-to-midsize organizations may put Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing jobs under the Digital Marketing role, at many companies these disciplines are their own specialties with full-time staff dedicated to just that content.

Email Marketing is a heavily analytical role focusing on campaign automation, audience segmentation, A/B testing, and more. There is also a large e-commerce focus in Email Marketing. Job titles in this area may include email marketing strategist, e-commerce marketing manager, and demand generation manager.

Social Media Marketing has also grown over time to become its own specialization. Social media marketers start conversations and understand how a brand can weave itself into discussions already taking place online. These marketers are highly creative, know the latest trends, and play a pivotal role in the campaign creation process. Job titles in this area may include social media strategist, engagement coordinator, multimedia communications specialist, and director of social media.

Brand and Content Marketing: At the Core of Creation

A brand and the content it associates itself with are two of the most pivotal components of marketing. Brand Marketers are deeply engrained in the development of strategies and lead activation, while Content Marketers generate the deliverables built upon this strategy. Together, they keep all content on-brand and appealing to target audiences. This is perhaps the most traditionally creative field in marketing, where writers and artists collaborate to create everything from websites to immersive experiences in the real world. Job titles in this area may include brand strategist, brand activation manager, content writer, content strategist, content specialist, director of brand marketing, content manager, or content director.

Choosing the Right Path

Where to go in your marketing journey is ultimately up to you, but maybe we can help you along the way. View our currently available marketing jobs to find the right fit, and reach out to our expert consultants to start a conversation.

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