Searching for the right role is a difficult task; a good one will utilize your skills, provide a salary you’re happy with and advance your career. But how often do you stop to consider the people you’ll be working with and the office atmosphere? If you don’t take the time to find out whether an organization’s values align with your own, your dream job could end up being quite the opposite.

It’s important for organizations to hire people who will thrive in their corporate culture. You can use your interview as a chance to evaluate a company and your potential new boss.
What Is Company Culture?
Company culture is the ideals held by a company and how those ideas are carried out by the company and its employees. It is the feel of the company, and if doesn’t match with your style, it could cause problems and dissatisfaction with your position.
Why It’s Important
There are a few reasons why company culture matters.
  • You’ll be more productive in a comfortable environment.
  • Your professional growth may depend on being surrounded by like-minded individuals.
  • In many organizations, there is an emphasis on teamwork at every level; if you don’t get along with your team, it may affect your standard of work.
What Works Best for You?
Before you can assess a company’s culture, you need to understand what kind of environment you’ll enjoy most. Are you looking for a strict corporate environment or something more creative? It’s different for everyone.
Do Your Research
Take a look at the company’s website. An interactive site and clear customer path are indicative of an organization that values online customers and probably invests in their online marketing department, for example.
When you attend the interview, take note of your surroundings. Is the office plan encouraging a social atmosphere? If so, it’s likely teamwork factors into everyday life there. An office full of cubicles, however, probably revolves much more around individual work.
Is the dress code formal? If you want to work in a creative atmosphere, you’d probably feel more comfortable if it isn’t compulsory to wear a suit.
During your interview, ask a question like, “What is the organization’s mission?” The answer will likely sound quite formal; however, it will tell you a lot about your potential employer.
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