Creating the Perfect Work from Home Space

Working comfortably from home has been an evolving task these last couple years. The idea of a home office can look different each individual, but making it feel cozy, comfy, and professional is key for all. This can not only boost the work morale, but also increase productivity. Here are some ideas to make your perfect home office. 

Pick A Neutral Spot

Find a place in your space that allows you to spread out as needed, but won’t entice you to roam off. A dining room or kitchen table may lend the perfect “desk” set-up if no separate room is available. Or even a corner in the bedroom that would be a quiet space. Wherever it is, let it be distraction free. No chores staring you in the face all day or other tempting distractions.

Choose Your Best Background Noise

Some operate in total silence and some need the roar of sound behind them while they work. For this, chose what suits the workflow best. If it’s being able to listen to a favorite song or podcast, ditch the headphones you’d wear while at work and let that background sound flow. Or, if there is unwanted background noise, keep the headphones. Retain the good and drown out the bad. 

Favorite Scents

From burnt leather to lavender and eucalyptus, fill your space with all the favorite relaxing scents that can increase your level of calm and focus. Scents can come from room mists, candles, incense, or even lotions. The home office space doesn’t have to cater to what the rest of the office thinks about your favorite aromatherapy fragrance. 

Comfortable Seat (?)

What home working space isn’t complete without a comfortable place to sit all day? Some office spaces are confined to certain office furniture, but not this one. In the professional corner of the home, your throne can be whatever you’d like. If there is a favorite chair or spot on the couch that will allow for a good workflow, go there. If a table or desk is where you end up, use a seat that you can love and can love you back. Back support is key! Stand up even, if that suits your comfort. 

The idea is to create the best work environment inside your home environment. Working from home allows you to operate in your own way, so why not make that way more enjoyable?

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