Every interview will likely end with the question of what your salary expectations are. It can be a tricky question to answer as a candidate. Go too high and you might price yourself out of the job. Alternatively, go to low and you aren’t dictating your correct worth and giving the company a chance to underpay. It truly is a fine line to walk, but how can it be mastered?

Be Confident

Know your worth in the current job market.  Some job listings are including the salary or range the employer is offering, so in that case you would already know what the role is paying when applying. Use this information, other baseline knowledge you have on the company, industry standards, and what you may learn in your interview to best answer the question.

Be confident in your delivery. Even if it is a little more than what you expect will be offered, companies with candidates that are skilled and highly qualified may be able to negotiate up to what you’re asking. So, don’t apologize for asking for what you’re worth. Be unwavering in your response so that it exudes your certainty that you are the right candidate for the job.

Turn it Around

At the end of some interviews, there will be more information needed or next steps before finally being offered the job. If there is, then you may want to follow your answer about salary expectations by returning the question to the employer. You can do so by asking what the minimum and maximum pay scale looks like. Take that information and bear it in mind as you continue to learn more about the role and responsibilities.

Be Informed

Research is always important in the job search process, especially when talking about pay scale. Your compensation should match the skill level of the role and what the current market rate is for that position. Use that knowledge to answer intelligently. Part of being the best candidate is being informed about the current market and your industry, so use that knowledge to gage your salary expectations.

Assessing your own personal worth is difficult to do, but if done in a clear and logical way the potential employer will further see how qualified you are for the job.

You can also speak to a recruiter for salary expectations in the roles you are seeking. Please feel free to reach out or browse our job listings today.

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