Red Flags to Look for in Your Job Search

We all look for these red flags in personal relationships, so why not also try to spot the same warning signs in your professional relationships? Building a healthy relationship with your employer or potential employer is important groundwork to set, so finding signs that a business may not be a good fit is an essential step. This habit can build you up in your professional career as well as your personal life. 
When on your job search, it is important to know the subtle, or sometimes major, red flag warnings. These can be found in the job title and/or the job posting, or even in the company or brand’s digital footprint. It’s sometimes tricky to spot a lot of these potential red flags, but the trick here is to know exactly what you’re looking for. 

Top 5 Biggest Red Flags

1. An Unclear or Sparse Job Description 

Most employers want to effectively engage with the right candidates early on. This could be an early sign of ineffective communication if the position’s requirements cannot be highlighted clearly.

2. Bloated and Almost Unrealistic Salary 

Some can see a high salary figure as a good sign but seeing a range from minimum wage up to six figures for an entry level position is an early warning sign that, maybe the numbers you’re seeing are not realistic. Always double check posted or offered salaries against current market rate via reputable sources, such as our salary guides.

3. A Shoddy or Incomplete Website 

This could manifest as something as simple as an abundance of ads on the site or the use of watermarked stock photos. Even the earliest startup builds their online presence to be an accurate representation of the company as a first step. You can also measure the level of social responsibility in the company culture through some websites. Simply stating they are an “equal opportunity employer” doesn’t always mean they are. Do a thorough audit of their site to evaluate this, as well as their other values and mission.

4. Uncapped Job Responsibilities 

Just as there could be too little, there can also be too much. An extensive list of what the applicant will need to do in the role itself is a red flag. The “ability to multi-task” and “wear many hats” descriptions can be an early sign of mismanagement or overworked employees. Be sure to bring up any questions you have about this early on for clarification.

5. Late or Unorganized Interviewer 

When your interviewer is a no show or incredibly late, that is a major red flag. This also extends to their level of preparedness and interest in the conversation. If you’re far more prepared and knowledgeable than the person interviewing you, this signals a problem.

Try to look out for the tell-tale signs of an unhealthy communication style or controlling behavior in the workplace throughout the recruitment process. If you can notice red flags early on, then you will be more likely to avoid having to repeat your job search again in the near future. You can always find more advice and helpful tips about finding your dream job here

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