Many organizations are dedicating time to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) programs right now, but they often forget one key part of their workforce: temporary workers. Even though temporary workers account for about 40% of the overall labor pool, they are often left out of such programs, and sometimes company culture in general.

We know that inclusivity boosts job satisfaction and morale, so why wouldn’t organizations want to extend these programs to include their temporary workers? Here are some ways you can ensure that you’re temp program is truly inclusive:

Talent Integration

One of the simplest, but most important, steps you can take is to eliminate barriers between permanent and temporary workers. Many organizations limit temp workers’ access to sensitive company information, and that is understandable. This point is more applicable to working spaces (once it’s safe to return to offices), team activities, and general attitude.

Encourage your permanent workers for get to know the temp employees they work with and embrace them into the team. Invite them not only to team meetings, but also to team events. This can help eliminate the social barriers that exist and prevent a feeling of isolation in temporary workers.

DE&I and Advancement Programs

As stated, DE&I programs often exclude temp workers, which is rather counterintuitive. Organizations should extend these initiatives to their temporary staff, as it helps to show that they truly believe in the program and its goals.

Temp workers should also be included in development programs and trainings the organization offers. This skills development will not only have a positive effect for the tem workers, but will also benefit the company in the long-run. Temporary workers, who often times have experience at multiple companies within the industry, can bring ideas and intiatives that some permanent employees just don’t have the exposure to normally.

It is also key that you include temp workers in any mentorship programs you may have while they are with your organization, as these are proven to be of benefit particularly for women, people of color, and other minority groups.

The Fallacy of “Temp”

While temporary workers are only with an organization for a specified period of time, that is true of most workers. Many of us, including “permanent” employees, move from one job to another at some point in our careers. Even though temporary staff has a projected end-date when they begin at a job, many contracts are extended or even made permanent down the line. 

This is why including temporary staff in programs and company culture is definitely a worthwhile venture. Eliminating silos between temp and perm employees will create a unified team that works better together and a better working environment for your temporary staff. 

If you would like to discuss this topic, or your temporary staffing needs, please feel free to reach out to a member of our team today.