Return of the Commute: Tips to Make It Easier

Remember that commute you grew to hate, and then grew to miss? Well, it may be time to get back at it. Instead of thinking about how miserable the return of the commute will be, let’s focus on the positive. 

There are a lot of tips and tricks for inside the workplace, but what about the before and after? The traveling can add on hours to the already long workday. These tips are going to make it easier. 

Commuting Together

For most, the commute occurs in your own vehicle. If you can gather some people that live near or on the way to your office, you can each take turns sitting behind the wheel. That leaves a healthy mark on the environment as well as your socialization. Even if you aren’t a morning person, getting to share the commuting hours with someone who could feel the same might just change your attitude about getting up and going. Besides, if you alternate drivers every day, then everyone in the carpool gets to enjoy a little less wear and tear on their own vehicle. 


This sounds a little silly, but if you aren’t the one behind the wheel then you can get some stretches in. There are small range and gentle exercises that get the blood going in the morning and help relax you on the return commute. Simple movements of your neck, wrists, ankles, and feet can do wonders. If you are in a more open space, like a train, then maybe a seated bend forward or lean to the side can also be possible to stretch out the lower and upper back. If you work a desk job or physical labor job, a good stretch during your commute might end up doing even more good than you expect. 

Get Creative

Whether you like to write, draw, or even color, utilizing your time to be a little artistic can expand your creative mind. This will put you in the right headspace to think outside of the box when you get to work and relax you at the same time.

Learn a New Skill

If your mind is always going, one way to keep it from going into work early can be to try and learn a new skill. There are videos and applications that allow access to lessons in the palm of your hand. This can be a new language or skill, or even a topic that simply interests you. Your commute will pass quickly and your mind will be stronger. 

Catch Up

A lot of stress that can revolve around a commute because it removes you from the other things you feel like you need to be doing. Maybe this commute is the perfect opportunity to get those things done. Phone calls can be made, e-mails sent, and bill paid. Now your commuting time can be just as productive as you are at work. 

Talk It Out

If you are headed to and from work in your own vehicle, maybe there is someone else you know working and commuting the same, or almost the same, hours as you. If there is, call them if it is safe to do so. This can help ease back into your commute by catching up with someone who is going through it with you. 

Utilize Flexible Hours

If your job offers flexible office or working hours, then maybe consider altering your commuting time. You can leave work and home during the non-peak traffic hours of the day. Even 15 or 30 minutes later in the morning or evening can help ease the stress. 

No matter what your commute was or will be, try to make the most of it. Find more job tips in our advice section.

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