What Does a Brand Manager Do?

Being a brand manager may sound like something only influencers can do, but it’s an achievable and very respected role across every business model. As part of the marketing team, the brand manager holds a lot of different roles that can heavily impact the view of the company to their consumers. In the simplest terms, a brand manager markets and manages the public image of an organization.

Here are some more details about what a brand manager does.

Skills Required

When working in this role the entire life of the company can rest on your shoulders. Some of the skills you must possess are creativity, analytical skills, flexibility, and a high degree of attention to detail. You must embody these skills and work with almost every department in the company. You should have strong business awareness and be able to adapt to quick changes in the consumer market. The exposure and good representation of the brand is the end goal, and these skills will help you get there.

Responsibilities of a Brand Manager

Typical brand manager responsibilities focus on the core success of the brand. In bigger companies, your role may be specific to a new product or product line. In a smaller organization, the entire brand may be in your care. The main responsibility is to manage the products’ image. You will be responsible for organizing campaigns and assessing the location and saturation into the consumer world with the advertising and marketing teams. You’ll also be involved in any social media presence the organization may have. If there is a budget, you’ll be responsible to manage that, too.

Educational Background

A typical degree to go into brand management is based in marketing or advertising. Though a class in public relations could be useful, this position is more concerned with controlling what the public sees in the advertising and product placement. A four-year marketing degree will step you in the right direction. 

Then, there is the real-life experience. Delegating tasks and navigating the consumer marketing world takes practice. If you are going down the brand management path, try to get yourself into an internship. A managerial role in a different field, such as retail, can also help. Critical thinking, problem solving, leadership, and adaptability skills can all be sharpened here, and they are key to a brand manager’s success. 

This career is more than just monitoring “likes” on social media; brand managers have a lot of skills and insight that make their passions come to life in all the products consumers see. So, if this sounds like a path you may be interested in, please feel free to peruse the job listings on our site. You can also find more job search insights in our advice section.

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