Jobs for Ex-Accountants

Like most experienced professionals, eventually you may want to retire or change roles as part of your career path. A lot of retirees re-enter the work force, and a lot of professionals may search to find something new after some time in their current job. 

For accountants, that path may not be so clear. Which jobs require transferrable skills that many accountants have on their resume? 

Below are a few ideas for new career paths for ex-accountants.


A great job for ex-accountant is to help guide in a new era of talent into the field. This could be teaching at a high school level and above. Many universities and schools may prefer their teachers and professors to have real-world knowledge and education in the subject they are teaching. If you don’t mind the grading of papers, this role could be for you. 

Reduce Your Workload

This option could mean several different things. You can downsize the workload by retiring from a full-time accountant positions at a major firm or business and search for a smaller office or controller position. Tired of the office life? Consulting could be a good role for an ex-accountant, as it offers the opportunity to utilize skills and experience, but in a more relaxed environment.

Administrative Services

Administrative work can also be a good job for ex-accountants. The organizational and problem-solving skills used in accounting can come in handy in a logistical or billing position in particular. As an admin, the various day to day responsibilities in the role will keep the new prospect interesting.

Recruitment Consultant

Just as in accounting, recruitment work is imperative for a lot of businesses to survive. Recruiting is a great job for an ex-accountant as it leans into the critical thinking and analytical aspects of the prior position. 

As in accounting, there is a lot to consider when it comes to hiring and recruiting in bigger companies. As an ex-accountant, your skills are already engrained and can help your team to be more organized and selective when faced with a lot of notable candidates for a high-profile role.

These are just a few examples of new career paths for ex-accountants. Whether you are in the middle of your working journey or at the end, if you’re looking to make a move from accounting, there is a job for you. Please browse our current job openings now to begin your search.

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