Everyone has good and bad days at their job, but if you’re noticing more bad than good, ask yourself the following 4 questions to determine if it’s time to start looking for a new role.

1. How stable is the company?

Stability is an essential part of working for a company, as the structure is crucial for positive work performance and happiness. When analyzing stability in your current position, think about if the company has experienced growth. Do they frequently hire or have they run through layoffs? Is the payment structure set up reliably? Are your job role duties clearly and explicitly laid out or are do they change daily?

2. Can you grow there?

Opportunity and growth go hand-in-hand, as a good employer is one that wants individuals to grow and expand into new roles and take on new responsibilities. Is career growth within your company a common occurrence? Reflect if your company hires from within or hires new individuals for managerial and senior positions, as these are clear indicators of how important personal and professional growth is to your employer.

3. Do you fit in with the company’s culture?

You should be comfortable and mesh with the company culture at your workplace. If you’re an introvert working in a highly social work environment or if you’re an extrovert that works for a company that has a more independent work structure, chances are you don’t fit in with the business’ culture and it is most likely hindering your happiness and success.

4. Are the pay and benefits good?

Most importantly, does the company pay you in accordance with your experience and position duties? Do your research and decide what your time and work are worth, and if it matches up with your current salary. View our Salary Calculator Tips to help you calculate what your salary should be.

If the answer is yes to these 5 questions, reassess why you're considering looking for a new job. If the answer is no, it's time to speak with a Michael Page consultant to get started on your job search.