Virtual Meeting Etiquette: What to Know Before Your First Online Meeting

No one said going on a virtual job interview is easy. Face to face meetings can take a lot of practice interviews and preparation. Now, add a new interview style and remote work, and a whole other method of preparation is needed. 

This guide for your first virtual interview can help people on all plains of the job market. 

For some just starting out and not having some of those aforementioned "practice interviews," or any interviewing experience at all, these tips can be eye opening and help develop your skills virtually and in person. 

For those already seasoned in the job market, these can be refresher tips and new insights to what employers may now be looking for during a virtual interview. 

Here is a list of do’s and don’t’s for what to know before your first virtual interview. 

Do’s: Good Virtual Meeting Etiquette Tips

Check Your Internet Connection Can Handle Virtual Meetings

Once you get a time for your virtual meeting or interview, you want to make sure you can log on without any lag. Regardless of what virtual meeting service is being used, internet connection failure can happen if you're not prepared. 

If there are family members using the same Wi-Fi as you during your video conferencing time, test it out a few days before to make sure the speed of the internet isn’t potentially clogged by other users. This will give you time to ask others to log off for the hour or so your video conference can go smoothly. 

Pick Your Interview Area Ahead of Time

Try to find the quietest, most simplistic area in your space that won't cause distractions for other meeting attendees. 

This means that the background is not busy and the lighting in the space will illuminate you without giving you the computer screen "glow." 

You should also ensure that your face is framed properly, your body language is positive, and that you dress appropriately. Putting your most professional image on camera will show the other participants that you are taking the video call seriously.

Don’t’s: Actions Against Virtual Meeting Etiquette

Become Distracted 

One of the most important rules in proper virtual meeting etiquette is to always stay engaged. It’s easy to get distracted in the comfort of your home. Just like in an in person interview, focus and good eye contact is key.

Similarly, you wouldn’t be scrolling through social media or doing some online shopping during an in person meeting, the so the same applies to a successful virtual meeting. Keep your computer screen on interview and maybe even the company's site for quick reference, but nothing else. 

Hold the Camera During Online Meetings

If you are unable to use a computer and instead are using your phone, make sure you have a good spot to prop the camera to where your hands can be free. You don’t want to make your interviewers or potential team members seasick.

We are all still continuing to adapt in this new workspace world, but we know that online meeting software will be a part of our working world for the foreseeable future. While they may not replace in person meetings completely, we should always be ready for remote meetings as the virtual work environment continues to become the norm.

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