Examples of Performance-Based Interview Questions

Part of the interviewing process is being able to show your future employer how you would fit into the role and the team simply through your communication skills. That’s what brings about performance- based interviews. 

What is Performance-Based Interviewing?

A performance-based interview can gauge a person’s managerial or people skills, individual drive, teamwork abilities, and problem solving skills. Most, if not all, include typical interview questions asked. Some may be tailored to the industry you are interviewing for but only in slight variances. The main idea with this group of questions is for the hiring manager to learn something more about you than what can be written on a resume.

These performance-based questions help them to evaluate applicants fairly.

Sample Questions

Below are some sample questions you might be asked in the interview process. 

  • "Tell me about a time you had to deliver either negative or positive feedback to someone and how did you deliver it?”
  • “How often have you had to work with a team to accomplish a project? How many people were on that team and which role did you have?”
  • “What would you do if you saw a coworker struggling with a task?”
  • “Have you had to quickly problem solve? Give an example with meaningful and specific action.”
  • “Is there an achievement or moment you are most proud of?”
  • “Was there a time where you had to organize a team to complete a task or project on-time?”
  • "Have you ever solved a business problem with you most creative idea? Exactly what was it and how did you execute the plan?"

What to Do Next

How would you answer these questions? Once you do, put yourself on the other side of the interview and see if you are giving a clear and strong enough answer. What is important along with knowing what some of these questions can be is having the confidence to answer them.

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