Best Interview Follow-Up Questions

The post-interview follow-up e-mail can be a critical step in the hiring process. There are a lot of benefits to writing a note which includes interview follow-up questions. This re-opens the lines of communication and lends an opportunity to further leave your best impression. 

A good follow-up also shows your passion and serious consideration for the role itself. This can be done by including some thought-out follow-up questions. These can be inquiries you have that were not brought up or made perfectly clear during the interview. By choosing the right follow-up questions you can dive deeper into your potential role and the company as a whole. 

Composing Your Follow-Up Questions

Impress your interviewer by being clear and concise. Avoid any questions that yield simple “Yes” or “No” answers. You can use the knowledge you gained during the interview to craft these questions to best fit your potential position and your needs. Be careful to not ask questions clearly addressed during the interview or posted on the company website. Re-read the job posting and any notes you took during your interview. Use this as an additional opportunity to highlight more of your skills. If you ask the right follow-up questions, they can set you high above the rest. 

Examples of Good Follow-Up Questions

Below are some examples of follow-up questions to ask.

Job/Position Related Questions

  • What are the specific computer programs used in the role? What are they used for?
  • How many projects are currently in progress and how many would I be working on immediately? 
  • Is there a training program on site or will there be travel?
  • Are there any key issues that the company is currently facing?
  • What are your realistic sale goals for the upcoming year?

Staffing/Team Questions

  • Are the goals for the team in the coming years?
  • Are you looking to expand the company/team?
  • Is teamwork encouraged throughout the department(s)?
  • How many team members are assigned to a project?

Next Step Questions

  • Are there any additional reference pieces you need from me?
  • When would you like to have the position filled by?
  • Can I clarify any details about my experience?
  • When/Will I be able to meet the other leaders/managers? (This is if you are interviewing with a recruiter for a company or not your potential direct supervisor.)

Use the above as a guide to crafting your best follow-up questions, but also keep some in mind for the interview itself. Depending on your situation and the conversation, they may come in handy in the moment.

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