Working can provide us with the motivation to strive for success in our lives. However, life shouldn’t revolve around your job. You should be making the most out of your career while also living life to the fullest.

Unfortunately, many people only learn this after years in the workforce. But we can change that. Here are ten lessons that can help you to make the most out of your life whilst working hard.

1. It’s Okay to Say “No”

When you are starting out in your career, or if you have embarked on a new career challenge, it can be easy to accept too much extra work to impress your superiors. This is a mistake. Be sure to only take on extra work that you can complete to a high standard. Taking on too much work causes stress levels to rise and accuracy to fall.

2. Get a Job You Enjoy

Finding a career that you truly enjoy can be difficult, as most of us will experience a job that we don’t like, or that isn’t suitable for us. However, you spend most of your life at work. If you aren't happy in your role, this will undoubtedly have an adverse effect on your personal life.

3. Don’t Work Only for Money

Money is essential. That goes without saying. However, it shouldn’t be the sole driver to remain in a role. Although it is important, money isn't everything. Find a job that has a little more to offer – in benefits, atmosphere, coworkers, etc. – and you’ll feel more motivated.

4. Never Stop Learning

You will always encounter people who have more experience than you throughout your career, but this shouldn’t worry you. Learning from people with more experience will help you to grow personally and professionally. Adopting a learning attitude throughout the entirety of your life will help you to become a more rounded, educated, and fulfilled individual.

5. Be Productive Outside of Work

When you feel down or tired because of work, it can be hard to motivate yourself when you get home at the end of the day. Motivation can be as simple as attending a gym class or meeting with a friend for coffee after work. You should try to make the most of every single day, finding things that bring you joy in your personal time.

6. Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance

There may be times when you feel as though you need to stay late in order to get a task done, or to meet a deadline. Those nights happen, but they should not be the norm. Don’t let life pass you by. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance can play a huge part in your happiness. You need time to switch off from work, so make sure you allow yourself to do it.

7. Be a Team Player

Being successful at work comes from working and developing as a team. Yes, you may have responsibilities of your own, but group success is what drives businesses forward. Big projects need more than one perspective to succeed. So if you regularly work alone, you may discover that you aren’t very successful in the long-run. Collaboration is good for personal development and for the bottom line.

8. Look After Yourself

Looking after your health should be your number one priority. If you begin to become so invested in work that you end up feeling anxious, stressed, or physically ill, then you know that it is time for a change. Sacrificing your health for your career isn’t a price that anyone should pay.

9. Disconnect from Technology

It is easy to be constantly attached to the technology at our fingertips. But being stuck to your phone, tablet, or laptop, can disconnect you from reality. Force yourself away from your devices during the day or when you get home at night, and you’ll find that you will begin to appreciate the world around you more fully.

10. Live Life to the Fullest

Throughout your career, it can be easy to feel like you shouldn’t take time off and that work should be your focus. Work is important and a fundamental part of the way we live, but there’s a plethora of experiences waiting for you. Make sure you use up your vacation days, make time for your family and friends, and get out of the house and office whenever you can.

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