You may find yourself looking for a new opportunity or change of pace this year, so if finding a new job is on your list of 2021 goals, your first step should be to freshen up your resume.

However, this may require more than taking the usual steps, because there is a bit more to it this time around. You will need to ensure that you fully represent the last year in the document.

So, how do you optimize your resume for 2021? Here are our top tips for making yours stand out.

1. Add 2020 Experience

This may sound obvious, but the last year has been anything but normal. Your new experience of working at home is valuable and should come across on your resume because it showcases your adaptability, technical skills, ingenuity, and resourcefulness. Include the programs and strategies you have had to adopt throughout this year, as they could be useful in your next position.

If you are managing a remote team, include this as well. Successful management in a time of uncertainty is extremely valuable and should be displayed on your resume.

2. Include Soft Skills

Soft skills such as communication, quick learning, emotional intelligence, resilience, and more have proven their worth as organizations navigated the challenges of 2020. They are now at the top of wish lists of many hiring managers.

Ensure that these kinds of skills are peppered throughout your resume instead of relegating them only to a separate section at the bottom of the document. This way, you are highlighting them and showing that you are aware of their importance.

3. Mind the Gaps

If you have been made redundant as a result of the economic downturn, do not be afraid to include this or any other employment gap on your resume. However, you should be prepared to speak about what you have been doing in between positions.

If you have been upskilling, or taking any classes in the interim, you can include that information in either your resume or cover letter depending on its relevance. Or if you have had to take time off for health reasons, or because you are a caretaker, that can be shared in an interview. A potential employer will more than likely understand these kinds of gaps, so there is no need to hide them.

These efforts, combined with a traditional resume update, will help you to best position yourself when applying to jobs this year. For additional help finding the best fit, you can reach out to one of our expert recruitment consultants or browse our advice section for further insights.