PageGroup’s strategy remains consistent: organic growth by region and discipline, a focus on growth markets, development of home-grown management expertise and a structure that champions our own talent.
Consistently, over time, our recipe for success has remained the same.

Organic Growth by Region and Discipline 

Even during difficult economic times, our strategy remains one of growth. We are consistently establishing new brands and disciplines throughout our international network and extending this network into new territories.

A Focus on Growth Markets

Our objective is to expand into less developed recruitment markets where, as a result, competition is limited. Many of our new regions are emerging economies and are growing quicker than established markets. Our ability to grow fastest is naturally where markets have the potential to develop and competition is the weakest.

Home-Grown Management Expertise

In order to grow, we must have the platform to support this. Our internal talent forms part of the foundations – each new office, region or discipline is led by existing PageGroup management, equipped with the skills and experience to maintain our market-leading position.

A Structure that Champions Profit Share and Promotion From Within

The aim of our team-based structure and profit share business model is to retain our recruitment and management expertise within PageGroup.
Our strategy at PageGroup is geared for the long-term. With world-renowned and fully integrated brands, highly trained and motivated consultants, established professional relationships and access to the best candidates through our established database and market-leading approach to social media and online channels, the future has never looked better.
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