With summer right around the corner, many employers struggle to keep employees engaged and motivated once it gets warmers. To keep productivity from slipping, utilize these tips to ensure your employees are focused and working.

Competitions and contests
A great way to boost company morale and encourage productivity is by sponsoring a friendly office contest. It pulls workers from their summer stupor and gets them excited and engaged. The contests could be athletic in nature or revolve around certain work goals you set, like sales made or customer responses sent. Make sure you pick a fun prize and send out leaderboards to updated how everyone is performing. 
Work outdoors 
Since most workplaces have the ability to be wireless, allow employees to work outside for bits of time during the warmer months. Utilizing a cell phone or laptop computer and do some work outdoors. 
Flexible hours
For most businesses, summer months are when business slows down, so consider introducing “summer Fridays” or allow employees to work from home on Fridays. The Summertime is when many families and individuals plan vacations, so allow your employees to take a break and relax - this will help them focus more when they’re back in the office. 
Always keep your employees or team members updated on when individuals are taking vacations - and which employee to contact when they are away. To ensure workplace communication, hold weekly meetings to talk about what is expected for the week and any upcoming events or meeting they should watch out for. 
After work socializing
Schedule regular happy hours after work at an outdoor venue or building rooftop, and make sure it is within walking distance from your office.