As a manager, you must keep a level head during stressful times, as your attitude directly affects your employees. Even in the midst of stress, create a productive work environment and help your employees learn how to engage and manage stress in a positive manner. 

Maintain open communication
Clearly define roles and expectations, as this will help reduce stress in the workplace and guarantee everyone is doing their assigned duties. Set time to have one-on-one meetings with your employees at least bi-weekly to go over project and performance expectations and listen to any concerns they might have. If employees are unhappy with their roles or job experiences, brainstorm a series of solutions with them that can help improve their experience. Often times, employees just need to feel that their opinion matters and is heard.
Regularly acknowledge success
It’s easy to get wrapped up in deliverables, so ensure to take a moment once projects are complete to sit down with team members and commend them for their contributions. Feeling underappreciated is a major source of stress for employees, so the regular highlighting of accomplishments can help assuage that. Don’t be shy in communicating team member successes to the greater company. This both grants the employee more visibility and shows everyone managerial efficacy.
Socialize with your team
An employee can feel alienated even within a large team. Get to know who your workers are, and become genuinely interested in their pursuits, not just their outputs.To further boost morale in the workplace, hold office-wide competitions, events, or group outings. A monthly dinner, a happy hour, or a group fitness class will allow your workers to express their human side with you and their co-workers, which in turn can endeavor them more closely to your team. 
By taking the initiative to create an open, healthy, and communicative environment, you’ll foster a healthier team. For more advice, visit our career center