You’re no doubt familiar with the sinking feeling when another Monday morning rolls around. But starting the week feeling flat isn’t doing you any favors. Here’s how to boost motivation and start the week with a positive outlook.

1. Start the Week Refreshed
Sounds simple, but many people underestimate the importance of getting into a regular sleep pattern. Try to use your weekends wisely: go out and spend time with friends and family, but also take some time to unwind and recharge. If you can, go to bed early on Sunday. A good rest can make all the difference to your outlook on Monday morning.
2. Know Your Purpose
On your way into work on Monday morning, consider the reasons you do the work you do. What makes you care about this job? To feel truly fulfilled, it should be more than your paycheck and benefits.
If you struggle to come up with anything, think back to when you were starting your career. Why did you choose the one you did?
If a strong sense of purpose is lacking, it’s worth looking for ways to get it back. Maybe you can take on a challenging new project to rev up your motivation, for example.
3. Think About your Future
Use Monday morning to check in with where you’re at in your career and where you ultimately want to be. Ask yourself questions like: What is your ultimate goal? What steps do you need to take to get there on a day-to-day basis?
Having clear and attainable goals is essential to your satisfaction in the here and now. It’s easier to manage daily tasks if you remember why you are doing so.
Your employer should help you to understand the options available to you in order to progress within your organization. However, you still need to be proactive and seek out opportunities such as training, development, and promotions.
4. Make Changes
If thinking about your job fills you with dread, get to the root of the problem. Are you bored? Stressed? Do you feel unappreciated?
Don’t resign yourself to unhappiness. Instead, consider what needs to change to make you a happy employee. If you’re experiencing problems in your role or can identify possible improvements, speak up. Set up a meeting with your manager to discuss your issues or ideas.
Employers want happy, motivated and productive employees, so a good manager will work with you to find a mutually beneficial solution.
5. Do Something Else
If you are consistently miserable on a Monday morning, it may be time to plan a career change. Speaking with a recruitment specialist can help you get a feel for what you’re really looking for in your career. A chat with one of Michael Page’s recruitment consultants could help you to take the necessary steps toward a career you love.