Construction managers have a lot on their hands and often little help. They may find themselves having to sideline some tasks in the spirit of time management. One of these duties is typically recruitment and hiring.

We are currently experiencing a talent shortage in the construction industry, which means many firms are stretched thin. Because most of their energy is spent completing work while shorthanded, there is little time left for filling those gaps on their teams.

However, making the sacrifice in order to constantly and consistently recruit can make all the difference.

The Benefits of Active Recruiting

If managers take a little time each week to dedicate to recruiting, it won’t be such a difficult task once the busy season comes around. Because they’ll have done a little bit at a time, they’ll have acquired a team of people along the way and won’t run into a mass hiring event once the weather warms up.

One of our clients swears by this strategy, even amid the talent shortage. “We have assembled the best talent pool that I have ever seen over the past three or four years here,” he says. “We interview four to five people a week, every week … Even when we’re slow, we’re still interviewing people.”

Even now, during the slow season, you can bet this firm will still be recruiting. If they find someone they like, they tell them to hold off for a little bit, and that they’ll pick them up as soon as possible. They’ve added several great members to their team this year by using that strategy.

“I know that we’ve put together a phenomenal group of talent just by continually recruiting,” our client says. The jobs his firms have are going exceedingly well, and he attributes this to their “high caliber of personnel.”

How to Make It Work

Constantly recruiting may seem like a great strategy, but it also may feel unrealistic. That’s where organizations like Michael Page come in.

Our client explains, “We use recruiters all the time because there’s no way possible that we could have the number of people we need to see come through our doors just through referrals and stuff like that.”

We know our clients are busy, even during the “slow” season. So, we do the heavy lifting to find them the best talent out there, even candidates who aren’t actively on the market.

To find out more about navigating the current talent shortage, look out for our full report on this trend, coming soon. In the meantime, you can browse our Michael Page advice section or reach out to one of our expert consultants today.