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Top 5 Reasons to Join PageGroup

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At PageGroup, we have five values that have always contributed to our success; take pride, be passionate, never give up, work as a team and make it fun. Our values and culture are reflected in everything we do, in each of our offices across the globe. It’s what sets us apart – join us and you’ll receive the best training, support and development opportunities throughout your PageGroup career and plenty of rewards for your work. See the top 5 reasons why you should join PageGroup.

1. More money, fewer problems

Rather than worrying about making enough commission to live, an associate recruitment consultant base salary is $10-$20K more than the average entry-level recruiter salary. This takes the stress off and allows our consultants to really grow and thrive at PageGroup. Not to mention, you’ll have many opportunities to receive an impressive bonus every quarter based on performance. This has the potential to put your total year’s earnings at almost six figures, which is not uncommon for our consultants. And as you grow in your career, your salary and bonuses will grow as well.

2. Boredom is not an option

Each day will bring new challenges to face and new people to meet. One day you could be at a Fortune 500 company speaking with their hiring team and the next day you can be at Madison Square Garden watching the Knicks play. Maybe sports aren’t your thing, so you’re wining and dining in the kitchen of one of our hospitality clients. Don’t worry, you’ll rarely be bored.

3. We know the value of a day off

Working at PageGroup gives you access to 20 vacation days, which is double the average most American and Canadian companies offer. Since our consultants work so hard, we encourage you to take days off to relax, recoup and enjoy life. Furthermore, if you hit your quarterly targets, you can go on a company sponsored trip – NO working allowed. You can sunbathe in Miami or be a high roller in Vegas!

4. Global state of mind

We’re HQed in the UK and have 140 global offices. Giving you the opportunity to work and collaborate with people all over the world, how’s that for cool? We won the 2015 Global Mobility Team of the Year for excelling in employee relocation – so if you want a new scene, we’ll happily help you transition and get there.

5. Move up the corporate ladder

Our world-renowned training programs start from day one as an associate consultant and continue on through Director-level, so you’ll always have the confidence and leadership skills it takes to succeed. Plus, we want you to grow and succeed – you can be promoted two to three times a year. We value personal growth and do what we can to get you moving up the corporate ladder.

If you’re looking for a position that will foster, grow, and nurture your personal and career goals, being a consultant at PageGroup may be an excellent option for you. To learn more and have a confidential discussion to talk about working for PageGroup, contact Erin Vickers at We’d love to hear from you!